How to set up a Group/ Family budget on TimelyBills ?

Modified on Wed, 05 Jul 2023 at 01:24 PM

To manage family/group budgeting in TimelyBills, one member should have access to either Pro or Pro Plus subscription. Please check more about pro and pro plus subscription here :

Once at least one of the group member is on Pro or Pro plus subscription plan, following steps needs to be performed to create group

1. Pro/Pro plus user needs to go "Dashboard" > "Family Group"

2. Click on "+" button to add new member

3. Add the email address of the other member in the text box and submit 'Send Invite'

- Now an invitation email will be sent to other member (who has been invited to join the group)


4.  Invited user need to check invitation link in email 

5. Invited user either need to "accept" or "reject" the invitation 

6. If the user being invited is a new user on TimelyBills, on click accept, it will be redirected to a new user signup page. There he/she needs to provide their email id and verify it through OTP. Once successfully validated, users would become part of the group.

7.  If the user being invited is existing user, it will be redirected to a page where user has to choose the option "Join with Transaction" Or "Join without Transaction"

Join with Transaction : This option allow invited user to transfer his/her transaction and categories to the group members.

Join without Transaction: The option does not carry any of the user existing transaction to group and user would only be able to see existing members transactions (including admin), however user can create new transaction and budget in the group.


Some important points to note here:

1. Budgets already made by invited users (before joining the group) do not get transferred to the group . However, new budget(s) can be created after joining the group.

2. Accounts of new members are not directly shared in the group by default, however any member of the group can explicitly share them by going to the account screen.


3. Pro or Pro plus features (apart from family budgeting ) are only available to group admin by default and other users can not use pro/pro plus feature until they subscribe it separately from Google or Apple Play Store.

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