Sometimes your bank may take little more time (few hours to few days) to send recent transactions.  
Incase you don't see any transaction even after 3~4 days you can try synching again with previous dates. Follow below steps to sync transaction from previous date: 

  •  Go to Home -> Accounts .
  • Tap on the Account for which transaction is missing and go to Account detail screen.
  • Click on sync icon available at top right.
  • Switch on the toggle 'Are you missing any old transactions'?
  • Click on 'Select transaction start date'.
  • Click on 'Sync Now' button.
  • App may take some time to sync the transactions from your bank.
  • Wait for some time and come back to account screen again and missing transaction should be there.
  • In case you still not able to see the required transaction, please connect with us at