How to add my bank account in TimelyBills?

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TimelyBills provides bank sync connectivity to sync accounts and transactions from financial institutions/banks. 

Currently, this feature is only available for users with USD and CAD currencies  (US & Canada)and will be extended to other regions soon. 

To provide this service, TimelyBills has partnered with MX Technologies, Inc., a financial data aggregator based in New York, USA. MX develops and licenses personal finance software for financial institutions, enabling customers to manage their finances more effectively. For more information about MX, please visit their website at

To connect your bank account, users need to authorize TimelyBills/MX to automatically pull transactions and account balances in the future. Once authenticated, TimelyBills, supported by MX's system, securely syncs your account information and transactions from your bank into the app. 

This syncing process occurs multiple times in day, though the update frequency varies among banks due to their technology infrastructure. Initially, after authorization, it may take between 5 to 10 minutes, or even a couple of hours, for your accounts and transactions to appear in the app. This timeframe varies based on the financial institution and its connectivity status. 

It is important to note that the authorization token may gets expire after some time (the time frame for this varies from bank to bank based on their security configuration ) and  users may need to reconnect if their bank connection expires or encounters an error. 

While synching the account transactions, TimelyBills categorizes them based on the available data, but sometimes it may not match the exact category, so TimelyBillls also supports custom category mapping rules. Once configured, these rules ensure that users only see categorized transactions according to their preferences. For more information on category mapping, refer to our FAQ sometimes here.

Steps to Connect/Reconnect Bank Account: 

1. Go to Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Accounts section. 

3. Click the + icon at the top right.

4. Tap 'Connect your bank A/c' card.

5. Review MX's Privacy Policy here before proceeding. 

6. Click 'Continue' and select your bank from the institution list or search for it.  

7. If your bank isn't listed, contact us at to request its addition. 

8. Follow the prompts to enter your credentials or be redirected to your bank's portal.

9. After successful validation, confirm with TimelyBills by clicking 'Done'.

10. TimelyBills will start fetching account(s) and their transaction, in the background. 

11. After some time, your connected bank account will appear in the Accounts screen.

In case of any errors during account syncing, TimelyBills displays proper error messages on the app screen and provides a button to reconnect. Errors can occur from issues such as unavailable bank connections, updated credentials, or closed accounts. Please find the screenshot below, how an error will be shown on the account list screen:

If these steps don't work, contact us at for assistance. 


Important Points: 

  1. This feature requires a separate subscription called “Bank Sync” (as highlighted below) and it is not included as part of the Basic or Pro or Pro Family Subscription plan.


2. There could be different reasons, why one is not able to connect to bank:

  • Credentials are not working: Please check with the bank as your credentials with the bank might have changed or expired.

  • Not able to receive the OTP through SMS or email: Please write to us at and we will check with the Data Aggregator.

  • Not able to log in, even after entering the correct OTP: Please try to disconnect the institution from the link (available at the bottom of the screen) and try to reconnect again. If it does not work even after retrying, please write to us at and we will check with Data Aggregator.

  • Bad internet connection: Please check your internet connection, as it may be with low data connectivity or with no data connectivity. Please try again once the internet is accessible on the phone. 




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